Get that sweet look – An introduction to airbrush makeup

Airbrush makeup is a specialized skill that can diversify and refine your makeup expertise. Because the makeup industry is so exciting and has countless new techniques to master, airbrush makeup can prove a formidable addition to your resume as a makeup artist and make you likely to be employed by your dream studio.

The basics of airbrush makeup

It is basically a technique to apply foundation with such flawless coverage that hand-applied base alone could not achieve the effect. Hiding inconsistencies and blemishes, it provides a smooth finish to your look. It involves the use of a small metal gun that sprays makeup in pockets of air all over the skin, and artists not only control the consistency but also the amount of makeup applied to each patch. The complete final look may involve coverage by hand makeup as well to perfect any inconsistencies and even the tonality of the skin, as many makeup artists do.

Airbrush Technique

Airbrush technique requires the use of a gun that comes in various sizes for coverage of different parts of the skin, which is connected to an air compressor by a hose that expels makeup from the mouth of the gun. A small tray that feeds directly into the gun is where blends of the makeup are added to achieve the desired effect. Different sizes and nozzles provide different coverage, such as face painting, contouring the nose or cheeks, or applying makeup to the eyelids.  There’s lots of different brands out there to choose from, so do your research before buying one.  HealthyTop10s has some good reviews you can check out.

Because regular makeup is too thick and dense to be effectively expelled into the air, and could end up clogging the miniature nozzle of the gun, a specially formulated assortment of makeup is available by professional makeup suppliers for the product. These are thinned by the addition of water, alcohol or silicone and so are easily compressed and dispersed as blobs of makeup in the air. The fact that a different line of merchandise is required does not limit the diversity of your makeup experience with this product, for a range of matte, shimmer and glitter varieties are available in the market for you to test with.

In addition to standard daytime, wedding or glamour makeup projects undertook on regular basis by beauty experts, airbrush makeup can expand your options by providing beauty and fantasy looks, or aid in more flawless, tonally-even versions of highlighting, blush, contour and eye makeup. Application with correct technique and precision is essential because once applied, it is very difficult to remove or lighten tones of the makeup without lending a patchy, rutted look to the area. Specifics to the application involve positioning the gun at a 10cm distance from the skin and working in circular motions over the cheek area in addition to other detailed procedures.

Clients request airbrush makeup for wedding ceremonies, photo-shoots, filming projects and formal photos in big events. Purchasing one yourself can be cost-effective and prove more durable than a cheap gun, whereas the expense mainly reigns from the makeup added into the nozzle, ranging from cheap, low-quality ones to superior expensive brands.

Top Wedding Photo Techniques

Use our top 10 techniques for wedding photography in your “armory” and improve your results.

In the photography profession, with the exception of “war photographers”, wedding photography is perhaps the most stressful occupation.

There is a lot to think about, particularly for newcomers to wedding photography.

Let’s dive in:

1. Turn off the sound on your camera.

Quite often, a ceremony is a quiet, emotional time. The easiest way to distract guests from where their focus should be – on the bride and groom – is with a ‘click, click, click’ of a camera. What’s worse is the sound of a flash going off. Check out these wedding pictures by Nicky Lockman… These can even be amplified if the ceremony is taking place in a large, cavernous place as many churches are.

2. Don’t forget the details.

The bride and groom spent a lot of money on the smaller things for their day: The bride’s shoes, the rings, the monogram. Don’t forget to memorialize these details for the couple. Set them up in a way that’s appealing aesthetically, such as the rings on the bride’s bouquet.

3. Flip over to continuous shooting mode.

The continuous shooting mode is a great way to capture a lot of movement, which is often the case later in a reception when everyone is getting their groove on the dance floor. When shooting in this mode, you have to know your camera. Different cameras have different circumstances when it comes to shooting continuously: Some take a predetermined number of photos, such as 5, instead of shooting until you release the shutter. Some cameras limit the amount of shots you can take in this mode. Make sure you have plenty of practice and knowledge.

4. Anticipate an exquisite shot at every moment.

When shooting photojournalism-style, you never know what’s going to happen next, which means the best shot of the day could be within the next five seconds. The key to being one of the best is always anticipating those moments and having the camera ready for them. Don’t miss a thing.

5. Don’t delete the mistakes.

One of the best things about shooting digitally is being able to re-shoot a photo that didn’t come out quite as you planned. But instead of deleting those mistakes, just re-shoot it. Later, when you’re scrutinizing the photos, you might find a gem in those “mistakes,” or you might at least be able to carve a gem out of the rough by cropping, changing it into black and white or adjusting it in Photoshop. Just make sure that you must have plenty of spare memory cards with you – you can fill up a card much more quickly. NEVER delete an image – you might just make a mistake and in the heat of the moment delete the lot! That said you can get image recovery software – but why take the chance?

6. Change your viewpoint.

Look for a unique photo by changing the viewpoint. Get up high, get down low, just do something from another angle. Changing the angle can make an ordinary photo extraordinary.

7. Remove distracting elements.

While the cardinal rule of photojournalism is not to interfere with the action, sometimes adjusting the background ever so slightly can make a photo so much better. This is as simple as moving an object out of the frame so it doesn’t distract.

8. Visit the ceremony and reception site beforehand.

This is less of a technique than basic common sense. If you have no idea what the layout of the ceremony and reception sight is like, you don’t know where you can go to shoot the best pictures. If you don’t know what the lighting is like, you don’t know what type of equipment to bring to get the best shots. If you don’t talk to the person performing the ceremony, you don’t even know if flash photography is allowed. What I’m saying is, do your homework before showing up for the big day.

9. Use natural light whenever possible.

The way that natural light hits a subject of a photo is different than the way flash lighting hits them, and generally natural light is more flattering. When it’s necessary to use flash, use only fill or bounced flash.

10. Don’t be afraid to zoom in.

Get up close and personal with the bride, groom and their guests. By zooming in on the subject of the photo, it eliminates a lot of needless background distraction, which usually makes for a better photograph.

If you have some tried and tested techniques for wedding photography, it would be great to hear from you so we can share them with others.

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Preventing Tooth Decay

There are some losses which can be related by only those who have experienced the loss. Among these is the phenomenon of tooth decay. Ask someone who lost a tooth because of tooth decay. Their toothless, painful grin will actually tell the story. No one wants to experience it. But what are your resources and weapons to prevent tooth decay? Let us discuss those for the sake of a better future for your teeth!

Tips for preventing a tooth decay:

  • You have to recall what your mama used to say, brush your teeth before going to bed and after waking up in the morning. If possible, brush even after meals.
  • Clean between your teeth daily with dental floss.
  • Make sure your tooth paste is a fluoride one.
  • Think before you eat. You have to be extremely cautious if you are a foodie but care for your teeth at the same time. Limit starchy foods and drinks that can stain your teeth e.g. Coffee.
  • Have a personal dentist. Visit his or her clinic regularly and do not feel hesitation at all if you feel there is something wrong in any part of oral cavity.  We highly recommend Dr Caressa Louie DDS in Stockton.
  • Fewer sweets can also lead to a better life span for teeth. Suck on a Lollipop alright but sucking too many is bad. Same goes for toffees, eat too many and you are risking your tooth’s life span. It is always better to pay attention at a young age because if a habit is developed, it is very hard to get rid of it.
  • Chewing gums are a favorite of modern generation. One because, they always like to keep their mouths babbling, another they want to look cool. However, once you become addicted to chewing gums, you are actually hitting an alarming level. Gums are bad for many reasons but this does not mean that you should absolutely refrain yourself from a gum.
  • Check with your dentist about use of supplemental fluoride, which strengthens your teeth.
  • Dental sealants are available as well; they are a protective coating which prevents molars from decaying.
  • Techniques are being developed to reverse the process of tooth decay by healing cavities. Essentially, we are reversing tooth decay in such a case.

Besides these tips, you can always think of anything that presents itself as a threat to your oral cavity. Proper caution and preventive steps can reduce the damage by a very large factor.


Finding the Best Dentist After a Sweets Binge

Ahh yes, you’ve done it again!  After a weekend of binging on your favorite ice creams and it hits you.  All of a sudden you’re having a miserable day, because your jaws have begun to ache. Or, there is a particular tooth which is causing a pain unknown to you so far. Now is the time to go to your dentist, a voice murmurs in the mind. Yes, heart agrees. But wait a second. You do not have a personal dentist yet! Bummer! You have to find a dentist who is going to be both marvelous and magical! We will help you find your dream dentist…just search for these traits in him or her and the clinic itself and you’ll be good to go.

sweet tooth

Best Ways to Find a Dentist in Your City

1- Ask around a bit. Ask your relatives, neighbors and anyone you know had a dental problem. Most probably, they will recommend you their dentist. One advantage in this way of approach is that you will end up finding a dentist who is in your accessible vicinity.  Scott, from, specializes in finding top rated dentists around the country, so if you can’t find a quality recommendation from friends or family, go online to seek help!

2- Once you have hit the lottery, you need to realize something very important. You and your dentist are going to be friends for a certain period of time. Treat a dentist like a friend basically.

3- Ask dentist about his working hours. This is a crucial question as it defines the time you are going to see your doctor in a week.

4- You should be concerned about his qualification. Knowledge of his or her graduation will be extremely handy.

dentist qualifications

5- Ask your dentist if he or she is certified to use anesthesia. If yes, then ask about the particular type of anesthesia he or she is permitted to perform.

6- It is also important to ask that what sort of arrangements will be made in case there is an emergency. Proper treatment outside office hours should also be guaranteed.

7- In case you miss an appointment, what are the odds on having that meeting again?

8- Fees and bills devised by a certain dentist may or may not be necessarily fair. Therefore, compare them with others unless you are a Rothschild.

9- Is the dental staff helpful and caring? They are partners of a dentist in crime and hence not to be ignored at all.

10- We hope that you pay attention to protective wears and equipment, which have to be sterilized as we all know.

11- If you are handicapped, ask the dentist if there I’d s a facility available for the crippled and disabled individuals.

We hope that these basic tips help you in finding a marvelous dentist who becomes a crown of your teeth!  And remember, try to lay off the sweets just a little!

Cake Shop Interior Design To Sell More Baked Goods!

Beautiful Cake Shop Designs By Marshall Erb

Lots of cake shops look pretty bland, but if you are looking to up the volume of cake your shop sells then you can always look at what the top shops around are doing. There are thousands of interior designers in the world that are working on the basic rules of designing. Only a few of them understand that designing does not come out with the rules, it is in your mind and your creativity. Chicago is known to be the city of tradition and modernism. It is the city from where the best designers emerge and bring versatility to people’s lives. One of the most famous is an interior designer by Marshall Erb. The company works as per your requirements and give you exceptional deals. Their interior depicts your personality, lifestyle, and preferences. They understand your demands and requirements like no other interior decoration firm in Chicago. They are known to give a physical appearance to your vision. They have a very friendly and cooperative staff that works with you and gives you something more than you would have expected otherwise. According to the company’s mission, they want to make your dream design turn into a real lifestyle. The company aims to bring prosperity in a luxurious way to the world. They have hired a great team of designers that will give you the best ideas according to your budget. They will tell you about:

  • Preferable color combinations
  • Furniture design
  • Wall hangings
  • Flooring options
  • Layout
  • Lights
  • Paint texture

They focus on each and every detail of the place they are allotted to work on. They consider your opinion to be very important and considering your opinion they make a customized interior design for you. Interior designing is an expensive field. Once you hire an interior designer, you will come to know that they charge big sums of money against what they do to your house. However, their efforts and the money you pay are totally worth it. No matter how clear you are on your idea about remodeling your house or office, you cannot do a job better than a well-qualified interior designer. 

Get Rid Of Your Belly With This Healthy Drink

Best Way to Burn Belly Fat Fast

Everyone wants to get a flat stomach. This is also necessary for a healthy life. One can use various methods to burn abdominal fat fast. However, what is important is to choose the best way to burn belly fat fast. One of the best way to lose belly fat fast is to make a healthy diet menu along with a regular exercise regimen. Here are some tips on how to lose belly fat fast.

How to lose belly fat fast

Try to make your diet menu healthy by including lot of fresh fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates and protein rich foods in to it. A balanced diet is essential to get all the necessary nutrients. These miracle drinks for weight loss help you cut fat and feel great, all while getting a tasty treat in you.  While following a balanced diet, it is essential to reduce your daily calorie intake by eliminating unhealthy fats. However, you should take sufficient amount of healthy fats. Avocados, nuts, olive oil, fish oil and soybean are some good examples for healthy fats containing foods.

Do not skip your breakfast. Skipping breakfast is responsible for slowing down the metabolism which results in fat accumulation in the body. So, if you are trying to lose your belly, you should always have a healthy breakfast in the morning in order to boost your metabolism. Try to eat smaller meals frequently rather than eating 3 main meals in a day. This action will help you to boost your metabolism.

Make a good exercise regimen. Try to combine different types of exercises such as aerobic exercises, weight training, abdominal exercises and cardio exercises. . Weight training is good for building where as cardiovascular exercises help to burn fats more quickly. Aerobic exercises are helpful in increasing metabolism. Jogging, cycling, swimming and brisk walking are also very effective for burning fat.

Stay away from alcohol, coffee and other unhealthy drinks. Try to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Healthy Meal Plans

Over the years Ive mentioned meal planning and the role it plays in reaching our goals. Having food ready is the best way to stick to a healthy meal plan and not be tempted by other, less healthy options. One of the most important parts to planning your meals, is planning on how to handle being away from home without these prepared meals. When you are on-the-go and running errands, its so easy to stop in the drive thru and make unhealthy food choices . This can be avoided! There are items that don’t need refrigeration and can be kept in your purse or car until you need them! Here are some example of some on-the-go snacks for you to take with you and share with your kids.

•Fruit: Keeping a few boxes of raisins, prunes or a banana in your bag is a great way to get that boost of energy you need when you start to feel hungry. Kiwi is another great fruit to have with you. (Yes, you can eat the skin) Kiwi has amazing benefits like fiber. This regulates blood sugar absorption!

•Almonds: You can buy individually packaged almonds or buy a big bag and package them yourself to take with you when you are out.Almonds are filling and pack a heart healthy punch! Aim for Raw, unsalted/flavored nuts.

•Olives: I found these great little packs of olives at a gas stations and grocery store. These are single serving and full of flavor! There are no added sugars and some come with garlic or peppered. These are MY FAVORITE! I usually have a package of these and some cherry tomatoes as a snack! Very easy to keep in your purse or take with you. Sparkling Water: Another favorite of mine is sparkling water.

On the Go snacks for Moms and Kids

This keeps your boring water exciting without adding calories or artificial flavoring and sweeteners. My son LOVES La Croix Pamplemousse water!

These snacks are great for moms on the go and even for sending to school in your child’s lunch box or as a snack!

What types of snacks do you take with you when you are out? 

A Great Treat To Go With Your Espresso Machine

Little bread bunnies With Espresso

I mentioned before that one of my tasks these days is to produce birthday cupcakes in bunny shape. Easter is still two weeks away and I am already “in the mood”. Why? Because I discovered that if at all this would be the year for a children’s bunny birthday party. Our youngest is too young to really object or provide wishes. And then – the next time Easter will be this close will be in 27 years, and this year it is still 2 days earlier. In 8 years it will be 4 days later, but by then I am sure that I could not win any price for a bunny theme (or at least I would freak out parents who fear for a twist in the theme ;-) ). It will not be any earlier than this year until 2050 as far as this site with Easter dates is concerned.

The pre-school class was going to celebrate the birthday too – in class, not in an amusement park (just yet?). The director of the pre-school acts (luckily!) as nutrition police. Cupcakes are extremely frowned upon, at least the ones that come from supermarkets and consist of more icing than cake. If I think of all the hydrogenated fats that scream “Run for your life!” I really appreciate this setting. My kids are well cared for, not only emotionally!

With those guidelines it was hard (at first, mentally) for me as a pastry chef to provide anything for a party. So far I have gotten away with cupcakes with only a chocolate glaze on them. I even baked low-fat apple cupcakes that were well received by the “picky children crowd”.  These go so well with the espresso machine we bought at

This year however I am set on the bunny theme. What I made for them were little yeast dough bunnies.



They are significantly lower in sugar than any cake (and specifically the low-fat apple cupcakes) could be. They contain no hydrogenated fats and only “happy” eggs and milk from (hopefully) happy cows, all of them far away from the growth hormones and antibiotics that so many farmers here seem to love.



yields 60 each with 7cm (2.8 inches) length

4 egg yolks
40 g sugar (1.4 oz.)
Salt, vanilla
3 egg whites
60 g sugar (2.1 oz.)
125 g flour (4.4 oz.)
Sugar for dusting

  • Preheat oven to 190ºC (375ºF)
  • Cut parchment paper into strips with the length of the baking tray and wider than the length of the cookies.
  • Prepare a piping bag with plain tip.
  • Pour extra sugar on a parchment, creating a layer the size of the strips.
  • Whip egg yolks, first sugar, salt, and vanilla until light and fluffy.
  • Whip egg whites with the second part of the sugar until medium stiff peaks form.
  • Fold egg whites (”Meringue”) into egg yolks, alternating with the sifted flour.
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Raspberry Cream

Raspberry Cream

180 g raspberry puree (6.3 oz.)
80 g sugar (2.8 oz.)
5 egg yolks
1.5 egg whites (75 g; 2.6 oz.)
3g gelatin leaves (1.5 leaves)
75 g butter (2.6 oz.)

  • Bloom the gelatin in cold water.
  • Put raspberry puree, sugar and egg yolks as well as egg whites in a sauce pot and heat , stirring constantly, until it comes to a gentle boil.
  • Remove from heat and add the bloomed gelatin.
  • When the mixture is cooled down to about 35-40°C (95-104°F) mix in the butter pieces with a blender.
  • Try not to incorporate air if possible.
  • Assemble the tartelettes right away or refrigerate until needed (keeps for a few days) and rewarm in a microwave.


  • After they are cooled, brush the tartelettes with melted white chocolate to insulate them.
  • Spoon some of the liquid but not too warm cream on top.
  • Add raspberries before the cream sets completely.
  • Refrigerate until ready to serve.
  • Garnish as desired (original version has pistachios and candied orange peel on it, I used lemon zest and cape gooseberries)

Frédéric Bau mentions the following in his book: “The contrasting textures of this tart promises delightful eating sensations. To enhance this pleasure, serve it cool, just out of the refrigerator.”

Whom am I to contradict this? Well, I felt that they were better just chilled a bit, before they had a chance to set completely. The cream and the berries were nice when cool, but the base was too overpowering when cool in my opinion – then again, mine were smaller so maybe the ratio dough to filling was off.

Fix for that? Make them, eat some right away, when just firm enough to be cut, and leave some in the fridge for later. Then compare and see what you like best. Maybe I am just too excited to wait?

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