Cupcakes – bunnies and nests

If I keep going at this rate the blog might just hop away on its own by the end of the month.

I mentioned before that this year’s birthday party was about bunnies and had an (early) Easter theme. This post will also be my contribution to Spectacular Cupcakes 2008 hosted by Arfi of HomeMadeS.


The bunny cupcakes I made were inspired by one I saw in a Wilton Cupcake book. I used a chocolate glaze instead of the suggested buttercream and they were finished very quickly, if you don’t count piping the chocolate a few days before the event. The decorations took me probably an hour for 20 cupcakes, putting them together was done much quicker.

The cupcakes were made out of regular vanilla cake batter.


The kids all went for the bunnies. My favorite ones in regard to flavor however were the Easter nests. I made an almond chocolate cake baked in mini bundt molds and wrapped them in colored Marzipan (almond paste with sugar). The eggs are speckled candies (milk chocolate, find out the brand by looking closely at the first picture of this post – like an early Easter egg hunt ;-) ).


The chocolate in the cake batter is optional and can be left out without any alterations.

“Optional? Come one, you got to be kidding!”

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Another bunny – this time out of chocolate

We import quite a few items every time we come back from Germany. Then we have friends and relatives who have to bring us certain things or they would not be allowed to cross the border. The number of things have decreased steadily over the last eight years as we have found replacements or even “the real things” here in New York.

“Nutella has to be the imported real one – I wholeheartedly agree with your husband on that one. And the plastic (!) jar of the US version you bought here a few weeks ago, just because it was on sale and you had a coupon? Well, that you can eat by yourself!”

Then there are others that are hard to get or at least incredibly expensive once you include shipping costs.

I cannot tell how many small chocolate eggs with a small toy inside – “Ueberraschungseier” – we have brought with us over the years. I also should not mention tears that have crept into my eyes during visits in the summer months when they were impossible to get even in Germany.

“Did you mention that those visits took place before you had kids? That the eggs were mainly for yourself? With just a few of them making their way to your husband, who after all was the one to carry them in the carry-on luggage?”

Shshshshsush! Once my kids can read this I will be in trouble…

On the other hand they have discovered chocolate long ago. The older one thanks to her “Oma”, my mother, who – for whatever reason – could not stand the fact that an almost two-year-old did not know what was hidden under the shiny wrapping of that Easter bunny. For months after that the word for chocolate was “Hase” (bunny). My younger one included chocolate in the list of things to be thankful for last Thanksgiving, and it was very high up on that list too.

All that said – I saw the event for Art you can Eat #2 with the goal to display something edible out of eggs or in an egg shape. The theme was chosen by the talented creator of Vanielje Kitchen, who won the first round of Art you can Eat – Chocolate and who also hosts the Apples and Thyme event.

I could not stop thinking about the flat of Ueberraschungseier in our basement (yes, we have about 20 left from the holidays when my parents brought them :-) for the kids :-( .)


I also happen to know a great artist. So I thought, well, I should ask her to work with me on this project. Use her ideas to come up with an egg shaped “Art you can Eat”. I mentioned it to her and the awesome friend that she is, she gave me sketches the very next day. I don’t think that she knows about the eggs in my basement, what they are about or more importantly what size they are. When she gave me her drawings it was like it was meant to be – a perfect fit!


This turned into one of the easiest chocolate showpieces I have ever made. I am still in awe. I feared that this event might take over a day, including whipping out my chocolate spray gun and cleaning up the resulting mess. I went ahead without the spraygun and used the ready made egg, two huge time savers. For now I will just post “how-to” pictures but if you have any questions please feel free to contact me and I will try explain things better. I picked the bunny on the left as no front paws meant less touching and no spray gun would have to be involved.

If you want to see more of my friend’s work please visit her shop at where you can take a look at the beautiful jewelry she makes. I got three of her gorgeous necklaces from my husband during the holidays and I have gotten many compliments for them since.