Forced Rhubarb – Rhubarb Custard Tart

And I will do it again – I will lean on yet another food blogging event to provide me with deadlines and themes. Right now, as I am still just starting out, there are just so many events I am tempted to join. This does not really leave much time for my own projects, not the least of which will be birthday cupcakes with a bunny theme soon.


My love for potatoes is a more universal, everyday kind of passion. Then there are specific ingredients that are important to me, mainly for desserts. One of them is rhubarb. I grow rhubarb in the garden, but I never get enough of it (literally). Usually I buy pounds and pounds of it when I see the stalks popping up in our local markets. But here in New York all of that seems to be still a few more weeks or even months away.

“Who cares? Isn’t rhubarb considered being a vegetable? Hmm, then again – I like rhubarb pie and muffins… Oooh, you made that rhubarb yogurt ice cream once… And the rhubarb sorbet we tracked down in Paris just because it was listed in a tourist guide… Ok, go on!”

On top of my love for rhubarb there were also a few weeks of desperation that since cause me to act like a squirrel and hide stuff away for the cold, long winter. A few years ago I needed rhubarb for a project with deadline in early December. In Germany I am pretty sure that one can find it frozen throughout the year, we used it in my apprenticeship frequently. Here, I had to eventually call my resourceful friend and colleague P. for help. She got me some frozen rhubarb and saved the project this way. Ever since I buy even more and freeze it for “hard times”.

I read about forcing rhubarb even before I planted it. I have never done it though, maybe that’s why I need to “supplement”. Or maybe I just have to grow and buy because I like it too much.

My frozen rhubarb only saved me a trip to the supermarket this time though – another project had me hunting for red currants a few weeks ago and I happened upon frozen rhubarb instead. I got excited, but did not buy any, after all – I had enough this time.


This recipe and post is my entry for the “In the bag” event hosted by Julia from A Slice of Cherry Pie. One has to use the following three ingredients in a recipe:

  1. Forced rhubarb
  2. An orange
  3. Sugar

So, does my entry count? I believe so, after all – my rhubarb was forced – forced to be frozen. Read more »

A prop library – I would like to get a library card!

There I was, reorganizing our basement, otherwise known as our disaster zone, while my parents made sure that the kids had the best time imaginable during the holidays.

I set up a small shelving unit, about 1 meter/yard high and wide and about 30 cm/a foot deep. I even found a cover for it. Ooooh, was I proud of my “prop room”, a spot to keep my maybe ten plates and fifteen cups or so that were usually mixed in with our other dishes. Boy, did I start to feel “prepared” back then (please take also into account that my standards differ from “Pre-Kids-Time” ;-) ).

I never saw so many pregnant women as during the time I was pregnant myself, same is true for people with babies, once I was carrying around my newborn, then people with more than one child, etc. Now that I had my prop room shelf, I seem to attract/notice post about props and their storage.

Today then I found a post on with a link to another blog, which then in turn ended up being a behind the scenes look into the prop library (!!!) from Martha Stewart. Ooooh, do I wish I would live close enough and could get a card for that one! Maybe my local library could write a letter of recommendation about me never owing or even accumulating any fines, being really on time with all returns?

Oh well, at least I have that shelving unit set up. My inventory will (slowly) keep growing, at least when I have time to go shopping by myself…